Student Video Contest

The Extension Committee of the North Central Weed Science Society will be hosting the student video contest again this year to provide students an opportunity to showcase their research and/or extension projects.

Videos can be submitted to one of two categories: 1) Research or 2) Extension/Education.

  1. Research category video submissions should be targeted towards scientific professionals in the weed science field. The video should include introduction/justification, materials and methods, and results/summary of a weed science research project (greenhouse/field/laboratory) conducted by the student.
  2. Extension/Education submissions should be targeted towards agriculture or horticulture professional audiences, growers, consultants, and other stakeholders. The video should present an educational weed science topic to the audience using research-based data to support the message. The video should consist of an introduction/justification of the topic, body of educational information of the topic, and summary.

Videos should be prepared in a professional manner and approved by student’s faculty advisor. Videos will be limited to 5 minutes and will be judged based on the attached grading rubric. Each contestant can enter one video per category.  2018 video contest winners are not allowed to compete in the 2019 video contest.   Videos will be judged by the Extension Committee and the winners will be announced and the winning video of each category played during the general session at the NCWSS annual meeting in December.

A Videos Submission Form should be sent to the Extension Committee Chair, Travis Legleiter (, by Friday November 1, 2019.  Upon receipt of the form a file sharing link (Dropbox) will be sent to the student for submission of the video.

View the video contest grading rubric here.

Any questions can be directed to Travis Legleiter.