General Session
Opening of Session:  Michael Horak, Monsanto Company, St. Louis. (1) Not Available

Welcome to St. Louis and Missouri, Bill Johnson, University of Missouri, Columbia. (2)

Weed Science: Where are We, and Where Should We Be?  Roger Cousens, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. (3)

CAST—Who, What and Why?  Teresa A. Gruber.  Executive Vice Director, CAST.  Washington, D. C. (4) Not Available

Washington Update – Having a Presence for Weed Scientists.   Rob Hedberg, Director of Science Policy, National and Regional Weed Science Societies.  Washington, D.C. (5) Not Available

Presidential Address.  Dallas Peterson, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS. (6)

NCWSS Financial Report.  Chris Boerboom, University of Wisconsin, Madison. (7) Not Available

NCWSS Proceedings, Volume 57
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