Industrial, Forestry, Turf, and  Aquatics

Purple loosestrife control with herbicides: Single year Application. Stevan Z. Knezevic. (100)

Soil Moisture and the Survival of Garlic Mustard Seedlings.  Richard D. Dirks and Kevin D. Gibson. (101)

Mapping invasive buckthorn species in the North Central Region.  Kevin D. Gibson and Richard D. Dirks. (102)

A New Herbicide for Aquatic Use: BAS6938.  Jennifer Vollmer, Kathie Kalmowitz, and Daniel Beran. (189b)

Annual flower response to simulated drift from synthetic auxin herbicides. Harlene Hatterman-Valenti. (190)

Response of Fraser Fir and Persistent Weeds to Preemergence and Postemergence Herbicides.  Robert J. Richardson, Bernard H. Zandstra, and Joeseph G. Masabni. (191)

Optimizing Field Bindweed Control in Transition Zone Turfgrass. Matthew J. Fagerness, Meenal Harankhedkar, and Benn Blackmore. (192) Not Available

Pre and Post Herbicide Applications Using Clopyralid, Diclosulam and Oxyfluorfen on Five 1-0 Hardwood Seedlings.  John R. Seifert. (193) Not Available

NCWSS Proceedings, Volume 57
2002 North Central Weed Science Society, Inc.