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North Central Weed Science Society

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Corn and Sorghum

 Fall Applied Herbicides for Weed Management in No-Till Corn. Romina GŁeli and Reid J. Smeda.  (13)

 Effect of Postemergence Application Timing on Crop Safety of Nicosulfuron + Rimsulfuron Mixtures in Corn.  Helen A. Flanigan*, Eric P. Castner, Robert E. Etheridge, and David W. Saunders. (14)

 Herbicide Programs for Glyphosate-Resistant Corn.  J. Leslie Lloyd*, Richard M. Edmund, Christopher M. Mayo, and David W. Saunders. (15)

 Corn Response to Mesotrione as Affected by Soil Insecticide Application Method and Rate. Andrew J. Chomas*, Michael R. Jewett, Christina DiFonzo, and James J. Kells.  (16)

 Response of Woolly Cupgrass to Tillage, Corn Planting Date and Herbicides.  James F. Lux*, Damian D. Franzenburg, and Micheal D. K. Owen. (17)

 Efficacy and Crop Safety of Postemergence Applications of Nicosulfuron + Rimsulfuron + Mesotrione + Metolachlor Mixtures in Corn.  Mick F. Holm*, Donald D. Ganske, Susan K. Rick, and David W. Saunders. (18)

 Impact of weed removal timing on glyphosate-resistant corn. Chad L. Smith* and Reid J. Smeda. (86)

 Weed Growth and Corn Yield as Affected by Time of Weed Emergence. Corey J. Guza* and James J. Kells. (87)

 Synergism of Mesotrione with Photosynthetic Inhibitors.  Julie A. Abendroth*, Alex R. Martin, and Fred W. Roeth. (88)

 Mesotrione and Atrazine Combinations Applied Preemergence in Corn. Scott L. Bollman*, James J. Kells, Thomas T. Bauman, Mark M. Loux, Charles H. Slack, and Christy L. Sprague. (89)

 Efficacy and Degradation of Mesotrione and Isoxaflutole in the Soil. Nicholas T. Fassler* and F. W. Simmons. (90)

 Dandelion Control with Spring Applied, Pre-Plant Treatments in No-Till Corn.  J. Earl Creech*, William G. Johnson, and Reece A. Dewell. (91)

 Corn Hybrid and Herbicide Interaction Research Plot. H. Thomas Fick. (92)

 The Influence of Application Timing on Crop Safety of Postemergence Corn Herbicides.Thad Haes*, Richard Smelser, Wayne Fithian, Kevin Barber, Nick Schneider, Chad Kalaher, and Brent Tharp. (93)

 Differences in Hybrid Sensitivity to Postemergence Corn Herbicides.  Richard Smelser*, Thad Haes, Wayne Fithian, Kevin Barber, Nick Schneider, Chad Kalaher, and Brent Tharp. (94)

 Phytotoxicity and Yield of Five Popcorn Varieties in  Response to POST Herbicides. Damian D. Franzenburg*, James F. Lux, and Micheal D.K. Owen. (95)

 Managing Early Season Weed Competition in Corn - Residual vs. Total Post Weed Control Programs. Adrian J. Moses*, Terry M. Carmody and Michael D. Johnson. (96)

 Weed Science Summer Contest; It's Been More Than Twenty Years.  Thomas J. Peters. (97) Not Available

 Optimizing Foramsulfuron Activity and Absorption in Giant Foxtail and Woolly Cupgrass with Various Adjuvants.  Jeffery A. Bunting*, Christy L. Sprague, and Dean E. Riechers. (112)

 Timing of Isoxaflutole Burndown Treatments in Field Corn. George S. Simkins*, Brent D. Philbrook and Matthew Mahoney. (113)

 Evolving Programs to Control Weed Escapes in Glyphosate Resistant Corn.  Duane Rathmann*, Dennis Belcher, and Jeremy Frie. (114)

 A New Mesotrione, S-Metolachlor, and Atrazine Premix for the Central and Southern Corn Belts. Tom B. Threewitt*, Charlie F. Grymes, and Michael D. Johnson. (115)

 Effect of Adjuvants and Application Timing on Efficacy of Postemergence Applications of Nicosulfuron + Rimsulfuron + Mesotrione Mixtures in Corn.  Susan K. Rick*, Larry H. Hageman, Kevin L. Hahn, and David W. Saunders. (116)

 Effectiveness of Mesotrione for Weed Control in Grain Sorghum.  Curtis R. Thompson, Mark M. Claasen, Larry D. Maddux, David L. Regehr, John Frihauf and Phillip W. Stahlman. (117)

 Comparison of One-pass Weed Control Programs for the Northern and Central Corn Belt.Michael J. Urwiler*, Michael D. Johnson and Brett R. Miller. (118)

 Comparison of the Best Two-Pass Weed Control Options in Corn.  David A. Thomas*, Michael J. Urwiler and Michael D. Johnson. (119)

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