2003 Proceedings of the
North Central Weed Science Society

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Equipment and Application Methods

 Understanding the Mechanisms of Manganese Fertilizer Antagonism of Glyphosate Activity.  Mark L. Bernards*, Kurt D. Thelen, Donald Penner, Rajendra B. Muthukumaran, John L. McCracken. (19)

 Influence of Adjuvant System on Rainfastness of Glyphosate. Scott A. Nolte* and Bryan G. Young. (20)

 Further Evaluation of Glyphosate Brands. Brady F. Kappler*, Robert N. Klein, Steven Z. Knezevic, Drew J. Lyon, Fred W. Roeth, and Gail A. Wicks. (21)

 Glyphosate Resistant Volunteer Corn Control with Glyphosate Grass Herbicide Combinations.Brady F. Kappler*, Robert N. Klein, Alex. R. Martin, Gail A. Wicks and Fred W. Roeth. (107)

 Effect of Nozzle Type on Glyphosate Efficacy and Spray Particle Drift.  Jeff M. Stachler*, Mark M. Loux, Erdal Ozkan, Clark S. Hutson, Steve D. Ruhl. (108)

 Influence of Glyphosate Formulation, Product Rate, and Carrier Volume on Spray Drift.  Bryan G. Young. (109)

 Equipment for Spray Particle Size Analyzation.  Robert N. Klein* and Jeffrey A. Golus. (110)

 Spray Particle Analyzation of Nozzle Tips with Herbicides and Adjuvants.  Robert N. Klein* and Jeffrey A. Golus. (111)


NCWSS Proceedings, Volume 58
2003, North Central Weed Science Society, Inc.