2003 Proceedings of the
North Central Weed Science Society

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Applications of Genomic Techniques

Molecular Biology and Genomics: Overview and Applications in Weed Science. Gregory Heck. (103)

Arabidopsis is a Weed?:  Heterologous Microarray Uses in Weed Science for Non-Model Plants. David Horvath. (104)

High-Throughput Screening Strategies for Novel Herbicide Targets. Cory Christensen*, Adel Zayed, Lining Gou, Kurt Boudonck, Todd DeZwaan, and Keith Davis. (105)

Analyzing Gene Expression at the Protein Level:  Using Proteomics Techniques to Investigate Herbicide Safener Mechanism of Action. Dean E. Riechers* and Qin Zhang. (106)

Beyond Thresholds:  Applying Multiple Tactics Within Integrated Weed Management Systems

Integrating Physical and Cultural Methods of Weed Control—Examples From European Research. Bo Melander. (141)

Weed Responses to Diversified Cropping Systems. Matt Liebman. (142)

Where are the Bioherbicides? Steve Hallett. (143)

Research Methodologies and Statistical Approaches for Multitactic Systems. Ed Luschei.(144)

WheatScout: Decision Aid for Integrated Management of Grass Weeds in Spring Wheat. David Archer, Frank Forcella* and Beverly Durgan.(145)

Future Role of Weed Science Extension

Looking Back and Moving Forward: Results of NCWSS Extension Survey. Shawn P. Conley. (203)

Extension into the 21st Century: Implications for Weed Science Extension Programs. Larry Turner. (204)

The Future of Extension Weed Science Programs - An Industry Perspective. Dennis Belcher. (205)

 How Weed Extension Works with GROWMARK and its Retail Dealers - Now and in the Future. Steve Barwick. (206) Not Available

Future Opportunities and Strategies to Serve Extension Clientele. Christy L. Sprague. (207)

Funding and Networking Strategies for Extension Weed Scientists. James J. Kells. (208)

Can a Corn IPM Survey Guide Extension Programming? Chris M. Boerboom* and Richard T. Proost. (209)

WeedSOFT-Decision Support System and Teaching Tool. Alex Martin. (210)

Translation and Extension of Weed Interference Information to the Practical End User. Bill Johnson. (211)

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