2003 Proceedings of the
North Central Weed Science Society

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Weed Ecology and Biology

 Impact of Site Specific Weed Management on Weed Populations.  Jeffrey W. Vogel*, J. Anita Dille, and Phil Stahlman. (53)

 Potential of Airborne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing to Detect Nitrogen Deficiency and Giant Ragweed Infestation in Corn.  Richard D. Dirks* and Kevin D. Gibson. (54) Not Available

 Effect of Tillage on Common Waterhemp Emergence and Vertical Distribution of Seed in the Soil. Dawn E. Nordby and Robert G. Hartzler. (55)

 Factors Affecting Weed Seed Survival in Soil Seedbanks. James Iannuzzi, Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Adam S. Davis* and Karen A. Renner. (56)

 Recovery of Weed Seedbank After Methyl Bromide Fumigation.  Joel Felix* and Douglas J. Doohan. (57) Not Available

 The Spatial Relations Between Weed Species, Weed Seed Banks, and Ground Beetle Populations in the First Year of a Transition to Organic Production.  Lindsay Reinhart*, John Masiunas, Jon Lundgren, and Marty Williams. (58)

 Weed Community Composition After Six Years in Glyphosate-Resistant Corn and Soybean.Mark R. Jeschke* and David E. Stoltenberg. (59)

 Early-Season Morphology of Giant Ragweed and Woolly Cupgrass As Affected By Crop-Mediated Changes In Light Quality.  Greta G. Gramig* and David E. Stoltenberg. (60)

 Morphology and Reproductive Fitness of Waterhemp X Smooth Pigweed Hybrids. Federico Trucco*, Patrick J. Tranel, A. Lane Rayburn, and Kenneth R. Robertson. (61)

 Growth and Development of Trumpetcreeper During First Year of Establishment in Two Tillage Regimes.  Michael W. Marshall* and J.D. Green. (62)

 Evaluating Common Dandelion Population Diversity Using RAPD Markers. Aaron S. Franssen*, David S. Douches, and James J. Kells. (63)

 Using Molecular Markers to Examine Relationships Among Weedy Solanaceae Species. Altanbadralt Sharkhuu*, Peter B. Goldsbrough and Stephen C. Weller. (64)

 Variation in Eastern Black Nightshade Accessions.  John Masiunas. (65)

 Using 5' RACE to Amplify and Sequence Velvetleaf EPSPS.  Aaron L. Waltz*,  Alex R. Martin, Fred W. Roeth, and Don J. Lee. (66)

 Evaluation of Microsphaeropis amaranthi for the Biological Control of Waterhemp. David A. Smith* and Steven G. Hallett. (67)

 Soybean Cyst Nematode Reproduction on Purple Deadnettle Under Greenhouse Conditions. R. Venkatesh*, S. K. Harrison, R. M. Riedel, and E. E. Regnier. (68)

 Allelopathic Potential of Biennial Wormwood. Mark G. Ciernia* and George O. Kegode, North Dakota State Univ., Fargo. (69)

 Weed Seedling Emergence Patterns in North Dakota Row Crops. George O. Kegode* and Mark G. Ciernia. (70)

 Modeling Emergence of Tropical Weeds. Friday Ekeleme*, David Chikoye, and Frank Forcella, Michael Okpara. (71)

 Weed Floral Changes in Arable Crops in Turkey.  Husrev Mennan*, Bernard Zandstra. (72)

 Biotype Response of Common Waterhemp to Glyphosate and Lactofen. Jianmei Li*, Reid J. Smeda, and Jimmy D. Wait. (73)

 Forest Fragmentation and Alien Plant Invasion of Central Indiana Old-Growth Forests--15 Years Later. Jeremy S. Weber* and Kevin D. Gibson. (74) Not Available

 Growth Analysis of Giant Chickweed in Alfalfa and Bare Ground.  Michael P. Crotser. (75)

 Morphological Variation in World Collections of Velvetleaf. Lynn M. Sosnoskie* and John Cardina. (76)

 Intraspecific Genetic Variation in Common Waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus) Seed Dormancy Regulation. Ramon G. Leon* and Micheal D. K. Owen. (77)

 Effect of Carbon Sequestration Practices on Weed Populations.  Bradley E. Fronning* and Dr. Kurt D. Thelen. (78)

 The Effect of Nitrogen on Weed Emergence and Growth.  Amy E. Guza* and Karen A. Renner (79)

 Annual Weed Emergence and Seed Production at Four Sowing Times in Corn. Kathrin Schirmacher* and J. Anita Dille. (80)

 Weed Competitive Indices: Correlation with Soil Water Depletion and Growth Parameters.  F. William Simmons*, Nicholas T. Fassler, and Chris D. Kamienski. (81)

 Measuring the Effects of Rotational Tillage Systems on Weed Population Dynamics in Corn and Soybeans.  Ryan P. Miller*, Beverly R. Durgan, and Gregg A. Johnson. (82)

 Weed Behavior Following Loss of Apical Dominance.  Hank J. Mager*, Bryan G. Young, John E. Preece, and Joseph L. Matthews. (83)

 Emerging Blue-green Algal Problems in the North Central Region.  Carole A. Lembi*, Kathryn Wilkinson, and Alejandra Cota. (84)

 Sensitivity of Mat-Forming Cyanobacteria to a Potential Biological Control Agent, Bacterium SG-3.  Kathryn J. Wilkinson*, H. Lynn Walker, and Carole A. Lembi. (85)

 Cultivation Timing Using WeedCast for Improved Weed Control in Potato. George O. Kegode*, Jerry Ivany, Joel Felix, and Douglas J. Doohan. (127)

 Apple Of Peru: An Emerging Weed in Vegetable and Field Crop Rotations.  Douglas J. Doohan*, Joel Felix, and John Cardina. (128)

 Effect of Photoperiod on Growth of Five Solanaceous Weeds.  Joel Felix* and Douglas J. Doohan. (129)

 Growth and Development of Wild Oat.  Krishona B. Martinson*, Beverly R. Durgan, and George O. Kegode. (130)

 Impact of Spring-Applied, Residual Herbicides on Winter Annual Weed Populations After Crop Harvest.  Jeff W. Barnes*, William G. Johnson, Kelly A. Nelson, and Reece A. Dewell. (131)

 Weed Seed Fate in Soil Seedbanks: NC202 Regional Results. Adam S. Davis*, Karen A. Renner, John Cardina, Frank Forcella, Gregg A. Johnson, John L. Lindquist, Luschei, Marty M. Williams II, and Christy L. Sprague. (132)

 Modeling Multiple Weed Species Interference in Corn. J. Anita Dille*, Stephanie R. Deines, Eric L. Blinka, David L. Regehr, and Scott A. Staggenborg. (133)

NCWSS Proceedings, Volume 58
2003, North Central Weed Science Society, Inc.