2004 Proceedings of the
North Central Weed Science Society

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Cereals and oilseeds

Italian Ryegrass Control in Winter Wheat. Dallas E. Peterson*, Gary L. Kilgore, Scott Gordon, and Kenneth W. Kelley, Kansas State Univ., Manhattan. (7)

Estimating Gene-Flow from Wheat to Jointed Goatgrass in the Central Great Plains. W. B. Henry*, T. Gaines, P. Byrne, P. Westra, S. Nissen, and D. Belles, USDA-ARS, Akron, CO, Plant Science Dept., CSU, Plant Science Dept., CSU, Weed Science Dept., CSU, Weed Science Dept., CSU and Weed Science Dept., CSU, Fort Collins, CO.  (9)

Utility of Winter Annual Forages for Weed Suppression. Matthew F. Jones and Kelly A. Nelson*, Univ. of Missouri, Novelty. (167)

Control of Little Barley in Winter Wheat. Bryan G. Young* and Ronald F. Krausz, Southern Illinois Univ., Carbondale. (168)

Effects of Time of Removal of Volunteer Winter Wheat on fallow Efficiency. Randall S. Currie* and Norman L. Klocke. Kansas State Univ., Garden City. (169)

Effect of UAN Concentration and Application Timing on Imazamox Efficacy and Winter Wheat Response. Phillip W. Stahlman* and Patrick W. Geier, Kansas State Univ. Agricultural Research Center, Hays and Dallas E. Peterson, Kansas State Univ., Manhattan. (170)

The Influence of Nitrogen Fertilizer Carrier on Sulfosulfuron, Propoxycarbazone, Flucarbazone and Mesosulfuron Efficacy. Dallas E. Peterson* and Greg W. Hudec, Kansas State Univ. and Bayer Crop Sciences, Manhattan, KS. (171)

Brome Control in Winter Wheat with Propoxycarbazone-sodium (Olympus Herbicide). George Simkins*, Kevin K. Watteyne, Jack D. Otta, S. Shane Hand, Bayer CropScience, RTP, NC. (172)

Annual Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum L.) Control in Winter Wheat with Mesosulfuron-methyl (Osprey Herbicide). Daren R. Bohannan*, David Lamore, Michael Weber, Jack D. Otta, Kevin B. Thorsness, S. Shane Hand, Bayer CropScience, RTP, NC. (173)


NCWSS Proceedings, Volume 59
2004, North Central Weed Science Society, Inc.