2004 Proceedings of the
North Central Weed Science Society

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The Seed Industry :
What a weed scientist needs to know

Introduction and Opening Comments. Mike DeFelice, Pioneer HiBred International, Johnston, IA 

Creating a New Inbred or Variety.  Jim Larkins, Monsanto Company, Greenville, OH (101)

Tools Used by Plant Breeders to Enable the Development of new Seed Products. Sam Eathington, Monsanto Company, Ankeny, IA (102)

Influencing Weed Management Strategies through Herbicide by Hybrid Interaction and Herbicide Tolerant Technology Options. Wayne Fithian, Gary Beland, Thad Haes, Chad Kalaher, Nick Schneider, Rick Smelser* and Brent Tharp, Golden Harvest, Waterloo, NE (103)

Plant Breeding with Transgenes.  Tom Peters, Monsanto Company, Chesterfield, MO. (104)

Impact of Future Seed Technology on the Pesticide Industry. Mike DeFelice, Pioneer HiBred International, Johnston, IA. (105)




NCWSS Proceedings, Volume 59
2004, North Central Weed Science Society, Inc.