2005 North Central Weed Science Society Proceedings

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____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Equipment and Application Methods

Using High-resolution Aerial Multispectral Imagery for Early-season Weed Detection in Corn. Richard D. Dirks*, Jon-Joseph Q. Armstrong, Kevin D. Gibson, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. (103)

Classification of Early-season Multispectral Images for Low-density Weed Detection in Corn. Jon-Joseph Q. Armstrong*, Richard D. Dirks, and Kevin D. Gibson, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. (104)

Application Factors Alter Spray Quality and Glyphosate Efficacy on Two Amaranthus Species. Sean D. Nettleton* and Bryan G. Young, Southern Illinois Univ.,Carbondale. (105)

Novel Adjuvant Systems. Gregory K. Dahl*, Joe V. Gednalske, and Eric P. Spandl, Agriliance LLC, St. Paul, MN. (106)

The Effect of a New Venturi Nozzle on Postemergence Weed Control. Robert E. Wolf* and Dallas E. Peterson, Kansas State University, Manhattan. (107)

Spray Particle Sizes and Glyphosate Efficacy. Robert N. Klein*, Alex R. Martin, Fred W. Roeth and Brady F. Kappler. Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln. (108)

NCWSS Proceedings, Volume 60
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