2005 North Central Weed Science Society Proceedings

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Fall and Spring Dandelion Control in Soybean. Anthony F. Dobbels* and Mark M. Loux, The Ohio State Univ., Columbus. (23)

Field Pansy (Viola rafinesquii Greene) Control in No-Till Fields with Fall- and Spring-Applied Herbicides. Jason N. Miller*, David L. Regehr and Dallas E. Peterson, Graduate Research Assistant and Professors, Department of Agronomy, Kansas State University, Manhattan. (24)

International Perspectives of Transgenic Crops. Amber A. Black*, Kathrin Schirmacher, Christina D. DiFonzo, Karim Maredia, and James J. Kells, Michigan State Univ., East Lansing. (25)

North Central Weed Science Society: The Path to Our 60th Conference. Jerry D. Doll. Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison. (26)

Integrated Weed Management: "One Year's Seeding.. ." - a new Extension bulletin. Adam Davis, USDA-ARS, Urbana, IL, and Karen Renner*, Christy Sprague, Larry Dyer, and Dale Mutch, Michigan State Univ., East Lansing. (27)

Developing Hands-on Experiences Using the Agronomy Learning Farm. J. Anita Dille* and Christopher L. Schuster, Kansas State University, Manhattan. (28)

Sequential Herbicide Applications to Manage Weed Competitive Loads in Corn. Timothy L. Trower*, Chris M. Boerboom, and Joseph D. Bollman, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison. (195)

Control of Volunteer Corn In Herbicide-Resistant Corn. Aaron G. Hager*, Douglas J. Maxwell, James L. Moody, Loyd M. Wax, Univ. of IL, Urbana, IL, Matthew J. Foes, Daniel L. Zinck, Erica J. Parker, and Terry W. Semmel, Monsanto Company, St. Louis, MO. (196)

Herbicide and Adjuvant Tankmixes With Glyphosate For Weed Control. Curtis R. Thompson* and Dallas E. Peterson, Kansas State University, Manhattan. (197)

An Update on the Distribution of Glyphosate-Resistant Horseweed (Conyza canadensis) in Indiana. Vince M. Davis*, William G. Johnson, and Kevin D. Gibson, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. (198)

Response of a Giant Ragweed Population to Glyphosate. Jeff. M. Stachler and Mark M. Loux, Ohio State Univ., Columbus, OH, and Brad A. Miller and Jeffrey B. Taylor, Monsanto Co., St. Louis, MO. (199)

Common Lambsquarters Control with Glyphosate: What's the Problem? Andrew R. Kniss* and Stephen D. Miller, Univ. of Wyoming, Laramie; and Robert G. Wilson, Univ. of Nebraska, Scottsbluff. (200)

Field Response of Six Ohio Common Lambsquarters Populations to Glyphosate. Jeff Taylor* and Brad Miller, Monsanto Company, Arcanum, OH. Mark Loux and Jeff Stachler, The Ohio State University, Columbus. (201)

Response of Common Lambsquarters to Glyphosate in the Greenhouse and Growth Chamber. Mark M. Loux and Jeff M. Stachler, Ohio State Univ., Columbus, and Brad A. Miller and Jeffrey B. Taylor, Monsanto Co., St. Louis, MO. (202)

Weed Emergence: A Revised WeedCast and Its User Versatility. Frank Forcella*, Dave Archer, Ed Luschei, Kurt Spokas, and Andy Korth, USDA-ARS, Morris, MN, and Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison. (211)

Can Biotech and Traditional Crops Coexist? Richard S. Fawcett, Fawcett Consulting, Huxley, IA. (212)

Teaching Calibration of Sprayers. Robert N. Klein, Univ. of Nebraska, North Platte. (213)

Use of an electronic response system to engage audiences. Bob Hartzler. Iowa State Univ. Ames. (214)

Assessing the Impact of the Pesticide Applicator Recertificiation Program (PARP)in Indiana. W. G. Johnson*, G. R. W. Nice, and F. Whitford, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN. (215)

Making Commercial Weed Control Trials Relevant to Grower Audiences. Christy L. Sprague, Kathrin Schirmacher, and James J. Kells, Michigan State University, E. Lansing. (216)

Wisconsin Style: Home-Brewed Outreach Ideas and Tools. Chris M. Boerboom* and Jerry D. Doll, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison. (217)

MSU's Crop Management and Field Diagnostic School: 3-Years of Success. Christy L. Sprague, Steven Gower, and Carrie A.M. Laboski, Michigan State University, E. Lansing, and University of Wisconsin, Madison. (218)

Success with Commodity Group Sponsored Field Days. Brady F. Kappler, University of Nebraska – Lincoln. (219)

NCWSS Proceedings, Volume 60
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