2006 North Central Weed Science
Society Proceedings

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Enhancing Weed Control Through Adjuvant Technology Symposium

Utility Adjuvants. Johnnie Roberts*, Helena Chemical Company. (149)

Novel Water Conditioning Agents for Glyphosate. Dr. Don Penner*, Michigan State University. (150)

Activator Adjuvants – Types and Use Patterns. John Nalewaja*, North Dakota State University. (151)

Non-traditional Activator Adjuvants. Patrick McMullan*, agroTECHNOLOGY Research, Inc. (152)

Adjuvant Certification. Bill Bagley*, Wilbur-Ellis Company. (153)

Grower Perspective. Doug Schmale*, Nebraska. (154)

University Perspective. Richard Zollinger*, North Dakota State University. (155)

Distributor Perspective. Bob Herzfeld*, Agriliance LLC. (156)

Pesticide Company Perspective. Mark Wrucke*, Bayer CropScience. (157)

Spray Tank Additives: Why, When, What and How To Use Them. Moe Finke and Rick Schulte, UAP. (A1)

Agriliance Adjuvant Update.Greg Dahl, Joe Gednalske and Eric Spandl. Agriliance LLC. (A2)

Tank-Mixing Micronutrient Fertilizers, Water Conditioners, and Glyphosate for an Efficient Solution. Mark Bernards, Donald Penner, and Jan Michael. Michigan State University. (A3)

NCWSS Proceedings, Volume 61
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