2006 North Central Weed Science
Society Proceedings

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Application and Equipment

Factors Involved in Selecting Nozzle Tips for Pesticide Application. Robert N. Klein*, Jeffrey A. Golus and Amanda S. Cox, University of Nebraska, North Platte, NE. (141)

Conventional and Air Assist Sprayers for Weed Control in Sugarbeet. Alan G. Dexter*, John L. Luecke and Vernon L. Hofman, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND and the University of Minnesota. (142)

The Effect of Nozzle Type and Pressure on Postemergence Weed Control. Robert E. Wolf* and Dallas E. Peterson, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS. (143)

Efficacy of Corn Herbicides When Applied With Flat-Fan and Air-Induction Nozzles. P. H. Sikkema, L. Brown, C. Shropshire, H. Spieser, and N. Soltani*, University of Guelph Ridgetown Campus, Ridgetown, Ontario, Canada. (144)


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