2006 North Central Weed Science
Society Proceedings

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Effects of Adjuvants on the Efficacy of Cut-Stump Treatment of Saltcedar on the Cimarron National Grassland. Walter H. Fick* and Wayne A. Geyer, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS. (56)

Aminopyralid in the Greenhouse. David G. Ouse*, F. Nelson Keeney, Jennifer Bridges, Keith S. Donley, Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis, IN. (57)

Aminopyralid: Global Opportunities for a New Herbicide. Robert A. Masters*, John H. Troth, John J. Jachetta, Holger Tank, Roger E. Gast, and Byron B. Sleugh, Dow AgroSciences, Indianapolis, IN. (58)

Chemical Control of Common Mullein. Walter H. Fick* and Sandra Wick, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS. (145)

Evaluation of Herbicides and Application Timings for Long-term Control of Sericea Lespedeza. Kevin W. Bradley*, University of Missouri, Columbia, MO. (146)

The Impact of Invasive Earthworms Upon the Vegetation of Wisconsin's Northern Forests. Kathy S. Groves*, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, WI. (147)

Common Mullein Control in South-Central Nebraska. Jennifer M. Rees, Fred W. Roeth, Alex R. Martin, Irvin Schleufer, and Mark Bernards*, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE. (148)


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