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Herbicide Resistant Crops Symposium

What a Weed Scientist Should Know About the Seed Industry. Tracy Linbo, Pioneer Hi-Bred. 84

Dow AgroSciences Herbicide Tolerance Traits for Corn and Soybean. David Simpson, Dow AgroSciences. 85

Can the DHT Trait Solve all of our Glyphosate Resistance Problems? Mark Loux, The Ohio State University. 86

Development of LibertyLink Soybean Trait Technology. Jayla Allen, Bayer CropSciences. 87

Utility of LibertyLink Soybean in Future Production Systems. Kevin Bradley, University of Missouri. 88

Optimum ® GAT ® Trait – New Weed Management Tool for Row Crops. David Saunders, DuPont Crop Protection. 89

Optimum ® GAT ® : Revisiting the Value of Sulfonylurea Chemistry for Today’s Weed Problems. Bryan Young, Southern Illinois University. 90

Engineering Soybean Resistance to the Dicamba Herbicide. Paul Feng, Monsanto. 91

Glyphosate-Resistant Horseweed Control in Dicamba-Glyphosate Resistant Soybeans. Larry Steckel, University of Tennessee. 92

Roundup Ready Sugarbeet – Bringing Biotech Traits to Specialty Crops. Paulette Peterson, Monsanto. 93

Roundup Ready Sugar Beet: An Industry Changing Trait. Christy Sprague, Michigan State University. 94

The Market Scope of Herbicide Resistant Traits for Today and Tomorrow. Corinne Alexander, Purdue University. 95

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