2008 North Central Weed Science
Society Proceedings

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Integrated Weed Management Symposium:
Tools of the Trade

Introduction of “Integrated Weed Management: Fine Tuning the System” and the Symposium. Erin Taylor, Karen Renner, and Christy Sprague, Michigan State University. 169

Diverse Crop Rotations and Weed Management Discussion. Karen Renner and Christy Sprague, Michigan State University. 170

Cover Crop Innovations

Canada Thistle Control with Covers. Abram Bicksler and John Masiunas, University of Illinois. 171

Mustards as Biofumigants: Current Status and Future Prospects. John Masiunas, University of Illinois. 172

Evaluation of a no-till Organic Soybean System in Michigan. Dale Mutch, Michigan State University. 173

Hot Hot Heat: Flaming for Weed Management

Effect of Flaming Time on Weed Control. Erin Taylor, Michigan State University. 174

Weed Flaming: An Engineering Approach. Chris Bruening and Stevan Knezevic, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. 175

Grazing as a Biological Weed Control

Livestock, an Important Part of the Weed Control Puzzle. Gary Reding, Langeland Farms, Inc., Greensburg, IN. 176

Weed Management Strategies in Sustainable Pasture Systems. Rich Leep, Michigan State University. 177

Nutrient effects on weeds: Solids, Liquids, and Storage

Is Weed Competition for Nitrogen Important? Chris Boerboom, University of Wisconsin. 178

Weed Seed Survival in Livestock Manure Handling Systems . Roger Becker, University of Minnesota. 179

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