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Influence of Soybean Plant Population and Row Spacing to Current and Future Weed Control Strategies. Jeffrey A. Bunting*, Tom Hunsley, Douglas J. Maxwell and Aaron G. Hager, Growmark, Inc., Bloomington, IL; University of Illinois, Urbana. 31

Assessing Glyphosate Sensitivity in Illinois Waterhemp Collections. Joseph L. Matthews*, Bryan G. Young and Julie M. Young, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. 32

Effect of Preemergence Herbicides for Corn and Soybean on the Weed Community. Dawn E. Refsell*, University of Illinois, Urbana. 33

Comparison of Postemergence Herbicide Programs Utilizing Best Management Practice Rates of Atrazine or Atrazine Replacements in Field Corn at Rochester, Minnesota. Lisa M. Behnken*, Ryan P. Miller, Fritz R. Breitenbach and Jeffery L. Gunsolus, University of Minnesota Extension, Rochester. 34

NCWSS Weed Contest 2008. Jess Spotanski* and Greg Steckel, Midwest Research Inc, York, NE.; SGS Alvey Ag Research, Carlyle, IL. 35

Response of Selected Common Ragweed Accessions to Glyphosate, Fomesafen, and Cloransulam-methyl. Jeff M. Stachler* and John L. Luecke, North Dakota State University and University of Minnesota, Fargo, ND. 36

Augmenting Weed Management: Farmer and Scientist Knowledge, Perception and Attitudes Regarding Weeds. Mark Tucker*, Robyn Wilson, Jeff LeJeune, Neal Hooker and Doug Doohan, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN; The Ohio State University, Columbus. 37

Fall-Applied Herbicides Differ in Spring Dandelion Control and Survivorship. Timothy L. Trower*, Chris M. Boerboom and Mark J. Renz, University of Wisconsin, Madison. 38

Response of Pigweed and Foxtail Species to Broadcast Flaming. Santiago Ulloa, Avishek Data and Stevan Z. Knezevic*, University of Nebraska, Concord. 39

Utilization of Sequential Herbicide Applications and Herbicide Tankmix Components to Improve Glyphosate Efficacy. Ryan P. Miller*, Lisa M. Behnken, Fritz R. Breitenbach and Jeffery L. Gunsolus, University of Minnesota Extension, Rochester. 40

Response of Field-Collected Indiana Giant Foxtail Populations to Glyphosate. Benjamin E. Neild*, Paul T. Marquardt, Greg R. Kruger and William G. Johnson, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. 41

Weed Control and Eradication Studies in Miscanthus x giganteus. Eric K. Anderson*, Aaron G. Hager, Thomas B. Voigt and Germán A. Bollero, University of Illinois, Urbana. 42

The Effect of Herbicides, Adjuvants and Nozzle Tips on Spray Particle Size. Robert N. Klein* and Jeffrey A. Golus, University of Nebraska, North Platte. 127

The Influence of Spray Components and Nozzle Type on Spray Distribution and Coverage. Gregory K. Dahl*, Joe V. Gednalske and Eric Spandl, Winfield Solutions, St. Paul, MN. 128

Importance of Adjuvant System for Glyphosate Herbicide Combinations in Soybean. Nathan R. Johanning*, Bryan G. Young, Dawn E. Refsell and Gordon K. Roskamp, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale; University of Illinois, Urbana; Western Illinois University, Macomb. 129

Postemergence Weed Control Using a Sand Blaster. Frank Forcella*, USDA-ARS Soils Lab, Morris, MN. 130

How Long can Various Herbicides Remain in the Spray Tank Prior to Application in the Field? Robert E. Nurse* and Peter H. Sikkema, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Harrow, ON; University of Guelph, Ridgetown Campus, ON. Canada. 131

Common Lambsquarters Response to Glyphosate Under Field and Greenhouse Conditions. Andrew R. Kniss*, University of Wyoming, Laramie. 132

Comparison of Postemergence Herbicides in Corn with Resistance to Glyphosate and Glufosinate. Mark M. Loux* and Anthony F. Dobbels, The Ohio State University, Columbus; William G. Johnson, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN; Bryan G. Young, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale; Chris Boerboom, University of Wisconsin, Madison; Kevin W. Bradley, University of Missouri, Columbia; Aaron G. Hager, University of Illinois, Urbana. 133

The Response of a North Dakota Common Ragweed Population to Glyphosate in the Field. Jeff M. Stachler* and John L. Luecke, North Dakota State University and University of Minnesota, Fargo, ND. 134

Teaching Weed Management in Winter Wheat. Robert N. Klein*, University of Nebraska, North Platte. 135

Burndown Control of Cover-Crop Wheat and Little Barley. James R. Martin*, Charles R. Tutt and Dorothy L. Call, University of Kentucky, Princeton. 136

Twenty Years of University Corn Yield Data: With and Without Atrazine. Richard S. Fawcett*, Fawcett Consulting, Huxley, IA. 137

Knowledge, Perceptions and Attitudes of Organic Farmers About Weed Control. Elizabeth Canales, Jason Parker, Robyn Wilson, Mark Tucker and Doug Doohan*, The Ohio State University, Wooster; Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. 138

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