2009 North Central Weed Science
Society Proceedings

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Water Conditioners, pH, and Water Hardness. Fred Whitford* and Bill Johnson, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN. (173)

Adjuvants for Weakly Acidic Herbicides. Don Penner*, Michigan State University, East Lansing. (174)

Methylated and Ethylated Seed Oils. Richard Zollinger*, North Dakota State University, Fargo. (175)

“When the Game Slows Down” – Using High Speed Video to Understand Application Technology . Gregory K. Dahl*, Joe V. Gednalske, Eric Spandl, Winfield Solutions LLC, St. Paul, MN. (176)

Saflufenacil: Discovery and Mode of Action of a New Broadleaf Herbicide. Rex Liebl*, Dan Westberg, and Steve Bowe, BASF, Research Triangle Park, NC. (177)

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