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Application and Equipment

Performance Advantages of Flaming Hood. Chris A. Bruening*, George Gogos, Santiago M. Ulloa, and Stevan Z. Knezevic, University of Nebraska, Lincoln and Concord. (30)

Response of Selected Crop and Weed Species to Propane Flaming as Influenced by Leaf Water Content. Santiago M. Ulloa*, Avishek Datta, Stevan Z. Knezevic, Chris Bruening, George Gogos, and Timothy J. Arkebauer, University of Nebraska, Concord and Lincoln. (31)

A Novel Water Conditioner for Use with Glyphosate. Mark L. Bernards*, Richard K. Zollinger, Bryan G. Young, R. Scott Tann, Howard Stridde, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; North Dakota State University, Fargo; Southern Illinois University, Carbondale; Huntsman, The Woodlands, TX. (32)

Evaluation of New Venturi Nozzle Designs for Improving Herbicide Efficacy. Robert E. Wolf* and Dallas E. Peterson, Kansas State University, Manhattan. (140)

Factors Affecting Spray Distribution and Coverage. Gregory K. Dahl*, Joe V. Gednalske, Eric Spandl, Winfield Solutions LLC, St. Paul, MN. (141)

High Surfactant Oil Concentrate Adjuvants - The Rest of the Story. Richard K. Zollinger*, North Dakota State University, Fargo. (142)

Using Clickers to Teach Calibration of Sprayers. Robert N. Klein*, University of Nebraska, North Platte, NE. (143)


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