2009 North Central Weed Science
Society Proceedings

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Making Sense of the Numbers: Statistics for Weed Science

It’s a Sure Thing . . . Probably:  The Influence of Variability on Trial Planning, Design and Analysis. Leslie Fuquay*, Syngenta, Research Triangle Park, NC. (144)

Traditions and Conventions in the Use of Repeated Measures Analysis, Contrasts, and Pairwise Comparisons. Chris Reburg-Horton*, North Carolina State University, Raleigh. (145)

Squeezing More Information Out of Your Data. Adam Davis* , USDA-ARS, Champaign, IL. (146)

“Hands-on” Workshop - Statistical Cross-Training: Trial Design, Blocking and Sampling . Leslie Fuquay* , Syngenta, Research Triangle Park, NC. (147)

Determination of Tank-Mixture Efficacy . Stott Howard*, Syngenta, Des Moines, IA. (148)

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