War on Weeds Podcast Interviews NCWSS Student Winners

War on Weeds Podcast Host, Joe Ikley, interviewed several of the student winners from the NCWSS annual meeting. They shared their major findings and takeaways from their research. Listen to the episode “NCWSS Student Winners” here.


Weed Bingo is for sale in the NCWSS store! WEED BINGO is a fun game that blends a bit of science with interesting and unusual facts about some of the world’s most common and troublesome weeds. Each of the 42 weed cards included in our game includes the common and scientific name of a weed, […]

NCWSS Abstracts Submission Deadline November 15

Titles have been submitted and we want to thank all for their submissions. We want to remind you that abstract submissions will be due by Friday, November, 15 and PowerPoint/Slides will be due Monday, November 26.