Symposium:  Glyphosate resistant weeds:  Status, prevention and management

Investigating the Molecular Basis for Glyphosate Resistance in Rigid Ryegrass and Goosegrass.  Scott R. Baerson, Kenneth J. Gruys, Gerald M. Dill and Stephen O. Duke. (207)

Glyphosate-resistant Horseweed in the Delmarva Peninsula: Status and Management.  Mark J. VanGessel. (208) Not Available

Waterhemp resistance to glyphosate: fact or fiction?  Reid J. Smeda and Christopher L. Schuster. (209)

Glyphosate resistant waterhemp in Iowa.  Micheal D. K. Owen. (210)

Glyphosate resistance:  Monsanto's weed management recommendations.  David C. Heering, Natalie L. DiNicola, and Gerald M. Dill. (211) Not Available

Syngenta's recommendations on glyphosate resistance management.  Dirk C. Drost and Chuck Foresman. (212)

A Regional Perspective on Glyphosate Resistance Management.  Christy L. Sprague. (213)

NCWSS Proceedings, Volume 57
2002 North Central Weed Science Society, Inc.