2003 Proceedings of the
North Central Weed Science Society

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 Cereals and Oilseeds

 Harvesting Techniques for Cuphea, a New Oilseed Crop. Dean Peterson*, Joe Boots, Russ Gesch and Frank Forcella. (6)

 Effects of Herbicide and Simulated Tillage on Wheat Curl Mite Survival and Wheat Streak Mosaic. Wenbo Jiang, Karen Garrett, Dallas Peterson*, Thomas Harvey, and Robert Bowden. (7)

 Herbicide Tolerance in Cuphea, a New Oilseed Crop. Gary Amundson*, Russ Gesch and Frank Forcella. (8)

 Evaluation of AE F130060 with Different Adjuvant Classes for Wild Oat Control and Spring Wheat Response. Angela J. Kazmierczak*, Kirk A. Howatt, and Mike C. Smith. (9)

 Use of Paraquat as a Harvest Aid for Cereals.  Dennis E. Stamm*, Thomas B. Threewitt, and Charles Foresman. (10)

 Winter Annual Grass Control in Imidazolinone Resistant Wheat with Imazamox and Competitive Treatments.  Mark M. Claassen* and Dallas E. Peterson.  (11)

 Tribenuron-Tolerant Sunflowers: Crop Phytotoxicity and Weed Efficacy. James D. Harbour*, Michael T. Edwards, Christopher M. Mayo, Robert N. Rupp, and Eric P. Castner. (12)

 The Magnificent Seven in Oklahoma's Winter Wheat Production Region.  Case R. Medlin. (146)

 Effects of Atrazine Rates on Wheat Double Cropped for Forage in Continuous Corn. Randall S. Currie. (147)

 Simulated Drift of Glyphosate and Imazamox on Winter Wheat.  Zach Deeds*, Dallas Peterson, Kassim Al-Khatib, and Phillip Stahlman. (148)

 Oat Response to Mesotrione. Eric E. Dvorak* and Kirk A. Howatt. (149)

 Effect of Application Timing on Wild Oat Control with Eight Herbicides.  Craig M. Alford*, Roger M. Hybner and Stephen D. Miller. (150)

 Mesosulfuron Plus Adjuvants for use in Spring Wheat.  Kevin B. Thorsness*, Dean W. Maruska, Jack D. Otta, Michael C. Smith, and Mary D. Paulsgrove. (151)

 Weed Control Options with Mesosulfuron in Spring Wheat.  Dean M. Maruska*, Kevin B. Thorsness, Jack D. Otta, Mary D. Paulsgrove, Michael C. Smith and Allen C. Scoggan. (152)

 Nitrogen, Adjuvant, and Application Timing Effects on Imazamox Efficacy in Wheat. Patrick W. Geier*, Phillip W. Stahlman, and John C. Frihauf. (153)

 Imi-tolerant Winter Wheat Cultivar Response to Imazamox Under Irrigation.  Stephen D. Miller*, John C. Frihauf and Craig M. Alford. (154)

 Brome Control in Winter Wheat with Propoxycarbazone. Kevin K. Watteyne*, Jack D. Otta, Greg Hudec, Kevin B. Thorsness, George Simkins, Amy Wyman and Shane S. Hand. (155) 

 Evaluation of Discover NG  for Postemergence Weed Control in Wheat.  Peter C. Forster* and Donald J. Porter. (156)

 Control of Jointed Goatgrass Using Best Management Practices (BMPs).  Anthony D. White* and Phillip W. Stahlman. (157)

 Clethodim Formulations in Oilseed Crops and Sugarbeet. Richard K. Zollinger*, Kirk A. Howatt, and Alan G. Dexter. (158)

 Weed Control in Sulfonylurea-Tolerant Sunflower. Phillip W. Stahlman*, John C. Frihauf, and Curtis R. Thompson. (159)

 Wheat Yield Response to Winter Annual Weed Interference and Crop Stand Loss. Shawn P. Conley. (160)

NCWSS Proceedings, Volume 58
2003, North Central Weed Science Society, Inc.