2003 Proceedings of the
North Central Weed Science Society

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 A Comparison of Weed Management Systems in Midwest Tomato Production. David E. Hillger*, Kevin D. Gibson and Stephen C. Weller. (22)

 The Undergraduate Learning Farm: Hands-On Experiences.  Christopher L. Schuster* and J. Anita Dille. (23)

 After the Hatchet Falls--Finding a New Job in Weed Science.  David H. Johnson. (24)

 A Comparison of Weed Control Programs in Glyphosate Resistant Soybean.  Terry J. Schulz* and Karen A. Renner. (25)

 Control of White Cockle (Lychnis alba) with Fall and Spring Herbicide Applications.  Gary E. Powell* and Karen A. Renner. (26)

 Field Pansy Control in No-till Fields with Fall and Spring Herbicide Applications.  Jason N. Miller* and David L. Regehr. (172)

 Glyphosate Tolerant Asiatic Dayflower (Commelina communis) Control in No-till Soybeans. Jim A. Fawcett. (173)

 A Wisconsin Agricultural Focus Group addresses Glyphosate Resistance. Chris M. Boerboom* and Richard T. Proost. (174)

 An Integrated Rule-based and Case-based Expert System for Herbicide Injury Diagnosis. Jingkai Zhou*, Janet Davidson-Harrington, and Calvin G. Messersmith. (175)

 Developing a Field Survey for the Estimation of Glyphosate-Resistant Horseweed in Indiana.  Jeff W. Barnes*, William G. Johnson, and Kevin D. Gibson. (176)

 Common Dandelion Control with Postemergence Corn Herbicides: A Two-Year Summary. Aaron S. Franssen* and James J. Kells. (177)

 Impact on Weed Pressure by Expanding the Corn-Soybean Rotation to Include Winter Wheat: Three On-Farm Comparisons in Southern Wisconsin.  Kevin B. Shelley* and Jerry D. Doll. (178)

 Italian Ryegrass Control Prior to No-Till.  Ron A. Hines. (179)

 Current Status of Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Ohio.  Jeff M. Stachler* and Mark M. Loux. (180)

 Invasives Draw Crowds in Wisconsin - How do we Capitalize on the Moment? Jerry D. Doll. (181)

 Christmas Tree and Weed Response to Flumioxazin.  Robert J. Richardson*, Bernard H. Zandstra, and Jill O'Donnell. (182)

 NCWSS Proceedings, Volume 58
2003, North Central Weed Science Society, Inc.