2003 Proceedings of the
North Central Weed Science Society

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 Sugarbeets, Hort. and Ornamentals

 Weed Control in No-Tillage Zucchini Squash Production.  S. Alan Walters, Mark F. Rundle*, Scott A. Nolte, Joseph L. Matthews, and Bryan G. Young. (50)

 Techniques to Evaluate Sweet Corn Tolerance to Nicosulfuron and Mesotrione.  Dean S. Volenberg*, Tim L. Trower, Chris M. Boerboom, and William F. Tracy. (51)

 GIS as a Tool for Weed Management in Indiana Mint.  Mary S. Gumz* and Stephen C. Weller. (52)

 Gladiolus and Weed Response to Flumioxazin and Other Herbicides.  Robert J. Richardson* and Bernard H. Zandstra. (161)

 Control of Volunteer Horseradish in Corn Production.  Mark F. Rundle*, S. Alan Walters, Ronald F. Krausz, and Bryan G. Young. (162)

 Effect of Critical Period (CP) and No Seed Threshold (NST) Weed Management Strategies in a Transitional Vegetable Organic System.   Karen J. Amisi*, Doug J. Doohan, Matthew D. Kleinhenz, and Sally Miller. (163)

 Canada thistle control in a potato and spring wheat rotation.  Sudeep A. Mathew* and Harlene M. Hatterman-Valenti. (164)

 Herbicide Combinations for Irrigated Potato.  Paul G. Mayland and Harlene M. Hatterman-Valenti*. (165)

 New Herbicides for Eastern Black Nightshade Control in Tomato. Vijaikumar Pandian* and Bernard H. Zandstra. (166)

 The Influence of Cereal Rye Surface Residues and Staking on Eastern Black Nightshade Competitiveness with Tomato.  Abram Bicksler and John Masiunas*. (167)

 Flame Control for Weed Management in Cabbage and Tomato. Annette L. Wszelaki* and Dougals J. Doohan. (168)

 Comparing Weed Communities on Organic and Conventional Tomato Farms Across Ohio. Annette L. Wszelaki* and Dougals J. Doohan. (169)

 Period Threshold Weed Management Effects on Soil Weed Seedbank Dynamics in a Tomato Rotation. Carlos D. Mayen and Stephen C. Weller*. (170)

 Response of Tomatoes, Snapbeans and Muskmelons to Halosulfuron.  Carlos D. Mayen and Stephen C. Weller*. (171)

 New Herbicides for Weed Management in Sweet Corn.  Michael G. Particka*, Bernard H. Zandstra, and William R. Chase. (193)

 Response of Sweet Corn and Popcorn to Postemergence Applications of Foramsulfuron.  David Lamore*, Daren Bohannan and Jayla Allen. (194)

 Sweet Corn Varietial Tolerance to Mesotrione.  John Masiunas*, Christy Sprague, Jerry Pataky, Marty Williams, and Loyd Wax. (195)

 Sensitivity of Several Vegetable Crops to Mesotrione Soil Residues.  Douglas J. Doohan*, Joel Felix, and Dain Bruns. The Ohio State Univ./OARDC, Wooster. (196)

 Mesotrione Evaluations in Sweet Corn for Processing and Fresh Market. Stephen M. Sanborn* and Michael D. Johnson. (197)

 Weed Control in Pepper with Rimsulfuron. Joseph Masabni. (198)

 Weed Control Options During Juneberry Establishment.  Paul G. Mayland and Harlene M. Hatterman-Valenti*. (199)

 Metolachlor on Sugarbeet in Eastern North Dakota and Minnesota.  Alan G. Dexter* and John L. Luecke. (200)

 Herbicide Formulation Comparisons in Sugarbeets. Abdel O. Mesbah* and Stephen D. Miller. (201)

 Performance of New Isopherone-free Sugarbeet Herbicide Formulations. Dean W. Maruska*, Kevin B. Thorsness, Michael C. Smith, John O. Martin, George Simkins, Mary D. Paulsgrove and James J. Cappy. (202)


NCWSS Proceedings, Volume 58
2003, North Central Weed Science Society, Inc.