2003 Proceedings of the
North Central Weed Science Society

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 Soybean and Annual Legume

 Volunteer Flax and Canola Control in Field Pea. John B. Christianson*, Kirk A. Howatt, Brian M. Jenks, and Greg J. Endres. (41)

 Control of Winter and Spring Annual Weeds in Soybeans With Fall and Early Preplant Applications of Chlorimuron Ethyl +  Sulfentrazone + Tribenuron Methyl vs Chlorimuron Ethyl + Tribenuron. Methyl. Marsha J. Martin*, Helen A. Flanigan, Donald D. Ganske, Kevin L. Hahn, Leslie Lloyd, and David W. Saunders. (42)

 Preplant Herbicides for Control of Herbicide-Resistant Horseweed in Soybean. Geoffrey D. Trainer*, Mark M. Loux, S. Kent Harrison, Anthony F. Dobbels. (43)

 Preplant Herbicides for Control of Dandelion in Corn and Soybeans.  Mark M. Loux* and Anthony F. Dobbels. (44)

 Response of Horseweed to Foliar-Applied Herbicides. James R. Martin*, William W. Witt, and Charles H. Slack. (45)

 Dandelion Control with Spring Applied Treatments in No-Till Soybean.  Reece A. Dewell*, William G. Johnson, and J. Earl Creech. (46)

 Effect of Glyphosate Rate and Application Timing on Common Cocklebur, Velvetleaf, and Waterhemp Seed Production, Viability, Germination, and Dormancy. Brent M. Swart*, Dr. Micheal D.K. Owen, and Dr. Allen D. Knapp (47)

 Control of Dandelion with Fall-applied Herbicides.  Anthony F. Dobbels* and Mark M. Loux. (48)

 Independent Responses of Soybean Early Growth to Stresses Caused by Soybean Cyst Nematode and Postemergence Herbicide Applications. Ramon G. Leon* and Micheal D. K. Owen. (49)

 Herbicide- Fungicide Interaction in Soybean.  Rebecca E. Bierman*, Dean E. Riechers, Christy L. Sprague, and Wayne L. Pedersen. (134)

 Simulated Auxinic Herbicide Tank Contamination Effects on Soybean Growth, Development, and Yield.  Kevin B. Kelley*, Loyd M. Wax, Aaron G. Hager, and Dean E. Riechers. (135)

 Effect of Timing on Fall Applied Herbicides.  Ryan F. Hasty*, Christy L. Sprague, Aaron G. Hager, and Bill Simmons. (136)

 Glyphosate Efficacy on Giant Ragweed Infested With European Corn Borer. Eric J. Ott*, William G. Johnson, John L. Obermeyer and Dan J. Childs. (137)

 Glyphosate Resistant Horseweed (Conyza canadensis) Control in No-tillage Soybeans.Vince M. Davis*, William G. Johnson, Jeffery W. Barnes, and Kevin D. Gibson. (138)

 Prowl H20: A Novel Water-Based Formulation of Pendimethalin. Jon K. Sweat*, Gary M. Fellows, Troy D. Klingaman, Leo D. Charvet, and Dan Westberg. (139)

 Prowl H20: Field Performance. Troy D. Klingaman*, Leo D. Charvat, Dan Westberg, Jon K. Sweat, and Gary M. Fellows. (140)

 Effect of Delayed Applications of Glyphosate on Weed Control and Soybean Grain Yield in Late Planted Soybean.  Ronald F. Krausz* and Bryan G. Young. (184)

 Technical Evaluation of a New Potassium Salt of Glyphosate formulation.  Erika J. Ehler*, Jeffrey A. Koscelny, David C. Heering, Dawn Wyse-Pester and Paul G. Ratliff. (185)

 New Touchdown Formulations From Syngenta. Venance H. Lengkeek*and Charles L. Foresman. (186)

 Glyphosate Efficacy When Tank Mixed With Foliar Applied Manganese Fertilizers in Glyphosate Tolerant Soybeans.  Terry W. Semmel*, Greg A. Elmore and Jeff A. Hinen. (187)

 Control of Glyphosate Resistant Volunteer Corn in Glyphosate Resistant Soybean with Experimental Clethodim Formulations. Jeffrey D. Smith*, Kevin M. Perry, John A. Pawlak and Mark J. Kitt, Valent. (188)

 Effect of Tillage Regime and Timing of Glyphosate Applications on Trumpetcreeper in Glyphosate Resistant Soybean.  Michael W. Marshall* and J.D. Green. (189)

 Protox-inhibiting Herbicide Persistence and Placement Affects Control of Protox-resistant Common Waterhemp.  Dana B. Harder*, Kelly A. Nelson, and Reid J. Smeda. (190)

 Winter Annual Weed Management and the Impact on Soybean Cyst Nematode.  Kelly A. Nelson*, William G. Johnson, and Jim Wait. (191)

 Evaluation of Planting Date and Soil Applied Herbicides for Integrated Control of Waterhemp in Soybean.  Sean Evans* and Gordon Roskamp. (192)


NCWSS Proceedings, Volume 58
2003, North Central Weed Science Society, Inc.