74th Annual Meeting in Columbus

Join us for the 74th Annual Meeting, December 10-13, 2019 in Columbus, OH!
* Annual Meeting will begin on Tuesday 12/10 and end on Friday 12/13

NCWSS 74th Annual Meeting  Form

Members can register by logging in to the “Members Only” section and clicking the link “Annual Meeting Registration”

Invasive Plant Symposium and Non-member Registration Here

2019 NCWSS Program

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Call for Titles
We are pleased to invite you to submit paper and poster titles for the North Central Weed Science Society’s 74th Annual Meeting taking place Tuesday, December 10 through Friday, December 13 at the wonderful Hyatt Regency in Columbus, Ohio.  Please note the important dates listed below.

Titles Submissions: Monday, September 16
Abstract Submissions: Friday, November 15
Oral Presentation PowerPoint Submissions: Monday, November 26

Visit http://wssaabstracts.com to submit.

We have given new guidelines for submissions below so please carefully review them. We look forward to hearing about your research and seeing you at the North Central Weed Science Society 74th Annual Meeting. Should you have any questions, contact the Program Chair, Stott Howard at stott.howard@syngenta.com.

Book Your Room Today

To make your reservations, please click here:  https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/group-booking/CMHRC/G-NCWS

If you need additional assistance, please contact us at 877-803-7534 or click here to find contact information by Region.

If the group rate is no longer available, prevailing rates may be offered for some or all of your dates

NCWSS Abstracts

Abstracts for the 2019 NCWSS Annual Society Meeting are due on November 15th, 2019. It is important that all paper and poster submissions provide an abstract to be published in the Proceedings which will serve as a future reference for the weed science community. Below is a simple list of guidelines authors must follow when submitting abstracts for paper and poster presentations.

  • Limit abstract length to 500 words.
  • Report all units in SI units (metric).
  • Use exponents to express units of measure, e.g. kg ha-1.
  • Do not include references to literature in the abstract.
  • At first mention for each species, use complete scientific names with abbreviated authority, e.g. henbit (Lamium amplexicaule L.)
  • For herbicides, other pesticides, and adjuvants avoid trade names when possible and use common names, e.g. glyphosate.

If you have any questions regarding abstract submission, please contact the NCWSS Proceedings Editor, Joe Wuerffel (joe.wuerffel@syngenta.com).

Process for On-Line Submission of Papers and Posters

to Title/Abstract Submission Site (Open Monday, September 2)

Go to the title/abstract submission website (http://wssaabstracts.com) hosted through WSSA. You will need your login and password for your account or create your own new account if you have not done so previously. Select the Enter button for the 2019 NCWSS link under upcoming conferences.

SUBMIT TITLE (deadline Monday, September 16, 2019)
Create or edit your profile. Proceed to the My Titles and Abstracts link. Follow the site’s instructions for submission. Enter the title in the space provided. Capitalize only major words in the title as\indicated in the instructions. Do not include any quotation marks or punctuation in the title. Use the dropdown menu to answer the question, “Are you a student?” If you are please continue to answer the questions regarding participation in the student contest.
It is critical that we know which papers and posters will be competing in the student contest.

Presentation Type: 
Use the dropdown menu to indicate what type of presentation you will be giving: Oral paper, Poster, Symposium, or General Session.
Topic Sections:
Use the dropdown menu to select the top two choices for your topic section.
Use the dropdown menu to select authors from the prepopulated list. This is a new feature. If an author does not appear on the list, please use the new author function. You will be able to reorder the authors and select the presenting author from this section.

Save and Submit:
Once you are done entering your title, please hit the Save and Submit button. From there you will be taken the Permission to Post the Presentation page.
Permission to Post the Presentation:
Please indicate if you are willing to allow a PDF version of your poster or oral presentation slides to be posted to the NCWSS website and hit submit. The default setting is set to no. All titles must be submitted by Monday, September 16, 2019.

SUBMIT ABSTRACT (deadline Friday, November 15, 2019)

Sign into your account as you did previously for the title submission. Click on the link to submit an abstract. Scroll down to the abstract part of the window and click anywhere in the area designated to hold the abstract. Cut and paste your abstract into the box provided. Develop an abstract in a word processing program. There is no need to include the title or authors in the “cut and paste” portion since the correct information has been already entered. We recommend that you make all changes prior to pasting into the submission form.

NOTE: If you make any changes to the title or authors, please email both the section chair and program chair (stott.howard@syngenta.com) to alert us about the change.

Paper Presentations and Presentation Format

All papers will be presented with PowerPoint files through an LCD projector. Electronic presentations will be limited to PowerPoint programs and need to be uploaded to the Submission website 1 week / 7 days prior to the meeting. Presentations are approximately 12 minutes long followed by one to two minutes for questions or comments to fit a 15 minute schedule. Contact the Program Chair if more time is needed. Abstracts of the paper and poster presentations will be published on the NCWSS website (www.ncwss.org). Abstracts should be submitted electronically via the Title/Abstract Submission website prior to the meeting (by Friday, November 15, 2019). A Call for Abstracts and Instructions for Submitting the Abstracts will be sent to the corresponding authors by the Proceedings Editor after titles are submitted.

Poster Presentation Format

Posters will be set up on Tuesday and available for viewing on Wednesday and Thursday. All posters should be removed by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday. One poster mounting board supported on an easel will be provided by the NCWSS. Poster size is 42 by 42 inches. Posters will be arranged according to subject, so please indicate your section preference in the title/Abstract Submission system linked to the NCWSS website. Additional details will be mailed to each poster session participant following title submission.

Call for Judges

The NCWSS Annual Meeting is right around the corner and like years past we are looking for volunteers to judge the Paper or Poster Contests.  Everyone who has been involved with the student contests will agree the volunteer judges are the foundation of a successful contest. Volunteering your time and support helps to ensure we are providing the students with every opportunity to excel in Weed Science.

Please contact the following individuals to volunteer:

Dr. Rodrigo Werle rwerle@wisc.edu (Undergraduate Poster Contest)
Garrison Gundy garrison.gundy@valent.com (Graduate Paper Contest)
Devin Hammer devin.hammer@bayer.com (Graduate Poster Contest)

Paper and Poster Section Chairs

Agronomic Crops I (Corn)
Debalin Sarangi, Chair 402-416-6647

Agronomic Crops II (Soybeans)
Nick Harre, Chair 618-314-0581

Agronomic and Specialty Crops
John Kohrt, Chair 515-802-1294

Equipment and Application Methods
Marshall Hay, Chair 641-891-3017

Travis Legleiter, Chair 270-365-7541 x218

Herbicide Physiology
Vipan Kumar, Chair 786-625-3425

Invasive Weeds, Rangeland, Pasture & Vegetation Management
Roger Becker, Chair 612-625-5753

Weed Biology, Ecology and

Mark Bernards, Chair 309-313-5917

Poster Session
Kristin Rosenbaum, Chair 660-425-6215

Scott Payne, Vice Chair 515-418-3929

Program Chair
Stott Howard, Chair 515-321-7469